2015.08.21:  Clean or Unclean, That is the question
Passover Feasts
God: The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit
2014.03.29:  noah and the flood: questions answered
how should followers of jesus react to todays society
how god healed me of heart disease and what i learned from it
2013.02.12:  living on a mission
2013.02.08:  “i am ironman”
2013.01.26:  so now what? what am I supposed to do now?
2013.01.25:  if nothing changes, nothing changes
2012.05.01: as for me and my house
should christians have tattoos
2011.12.17:  the path to freedom while living in the kingdom
2011.12.09:  what does the bible say about interracial marriage
2011.05.25:  scriptures to identify the fullness of christ in you
2011.05.25:  my story
2010.11.23:  just die already
2010.08.31:  the turn around
2010.01.08:  todd white street evangelist
2009.12.28:  believe
2009.10.26:  love them to death
2009.08.20:  should we really listen to the unchurched? by ed stetzer
2009.07.24:  god’s design for man and woman, and how they are meant to be together

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