about me

 My name is David Baxter but many call me “Superdave” or just “Dave”. I have been married to my rockin’ wife Laura since 2001 and we have the coolest daughter anyone could ask for named Lainy.
I am just a Jesus Freak living life and loving on God’s people. You can find me talking to strangers at gas pumps, on the greenway walking, in the grocery line or at the mall. I am not affraid of sharing my Jesus with you and because of that I have seen many gain Him as a daddy or healed miraculously of physical, mental or emotional strong holds.
I’ve been a licensed minister since 2001 and love ministering to people and seeing the Power of Jesus Christ work on their behalf. I don’t judge anyone on their life because I was once lost and doing the same things. There is no difference between what i’ve done in my past and what circumstances they find themselves to be in now. I just Love them because Jesus Loves me and when we do that without trying to show off, truth is revealed and sets people free.
We all need His Love and all believers are called to Love.
Matt. 4:19 and 2 Cor. 5:16-21.
God Bless You and I Love You.

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