Passover Feasts

The Biblical Feasts
 and how they apply to us today.
Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the First Fruits
These are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd feasts of the year that happen within the same week in March or April depending on the moon phases and biblical calendar.

Feast #1: Passover
 is a 24 hour celebration that starts at sundown on the 15 of Nissan and represents the redemption of Yahweh’s people of Israel with the sacrifice of a lamb with the blood being put on the door posts so that the angel of death would recognize Yahweh’s people by the blood and pass over them.
This was the last plague that Pharaoh brought upon himself while Moses was demanding him to free Yahweh’s people from slavery. The plague was that the first born son of every household was to die, but Yahweh gave a way for His people to survive.
He commanded Moses to instruct the people to kill a spotless lamb and wipe its blood over the door posts of their home and the death angel would pass over them. Yahweh also instructed His people to prepare themselves for the long journey where He would lead them to a land promised to flow with milk and honey. In this preparation Yahweh told Moses they were not to bake any foods with leaven for it would mean the bread would need to time to rise and they would be leaving the next day and to just bake without the leaven and be ready to leave quickly so the food would last because leaven quickens the rotting or decaying process in foods.

As we are Yahweh’s people through Yeshua (Jesus Christ) we also should celebrate and remember passover by removing the leaven from our homes for Yahweh says that the leaven represents the sin in our lives so we are to remove it and have a passover meal with unleavened bread and 100% pure grape wine/juice. Yahweh also gave Moses instructions in Exodus 12 on a meal to eat and to be used during Passover Feast for all time.
This meal is called by many as the  Seder Passover Meal.
By eating the bread (represents the beaten body of Yeshua) and drinking the wine (represents the blood that Yeshua shed for the cleansing of our sins) we are taking him in rededicating and examining ourselves committing us to the service of putting God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit first in our lives with the representation of the cleansing of sin in our lives through Yeshua’s blood sacrifice.
 Yeshua was the passover lamb for all mankind and the entire world now has access to the Father through this blood uniting us all together without there being any separation between Jew or Gentile.

Feast #2: Feast of Unleavened Bread
Yahweh also told Moses that they are to continue to celebrate the Passover event with a seven day long feast immediately following Passover.
 On the first day and last day of this feast they were to assemble and worship together Yahweh our God as they did on the Sabbath without working or without any purchases being made. On the days in-between they were to live as normal but all meals were to be without leaven.
Yeshua was celebrating Passover with his disciples on a Tuesday just before sundown before he was crucified.
He brought them to a garden to pray after their meal where the soldiers came to get Him late that night or early Wednesday morning while it was still dark. The trials and beatings of Yeshua happened all day Wednesday and he was crucified and buried on Wednesday evening at sundown. Jesus was in the tomb for a full 3 days and 3 nights as prophesied through Jonah’s whale belly experience as described in Matthew 12:40.
This means Jesus died in the evening on Wednesday and arose in the evening on Saturday. That’s a full 72 hours. Mary came to check the tomb immediately after the Sabbath either late Saturday night or early on Sunday morning while it was still dark and found The tomb empty as described in John chapter 20.

SIDE NOTE: Jesus did not rise on Sunday, that’s just when they found the tomb empty. The term SUNday actually came from the worship set aside for the Sun and fertility gods. Sadly we adapted to that and many Christians use Sunday to worship Yahweh.
The Sabbath Day command which was given to Moses and was to be used forever is to start at sundown on Friday and go until sundown on Saturday. Days did not start at midnight like we acknowledge today. They started and ended at sundown.

This is why we still celebrate the feasts today as it is linked to Yeshua and in Him removing the sins or decaying of the world through His sacrifice and is for those that allow His blood to cover them just as the lambs blood did for those on their door posts during the Passover for the people of Israel.

Fun Fact: The Passover Lamb in the Old Testament and Yeshua as our Passover Lamb in the New Testament was during the same anniversary week. This just adds to prove how these feasts still pertain to us as believers in Yeshua and we should celebrate them. Yahweh told Moses in Exodus 12:14 that these days will be a day for us to remember and celebrate as a festival to Him from generation to generation and for all time on this date.

Feast #3: First Fruits
This feast immediately follows Unleavened Bread and represents the bringing of the first fruits of the winter harvest to the Temple showing that life could continue as needed.

So for the same reason we are to celebrate the bringing forth of new life.
A new life in Christ as He brought Himself forth out of the tomb as our first fruits for a life continued as needed in Him.
 This happened on the exact day of first fruits. He arose at the hour first fruits began at sundown on day 3 in the tomb.

Scripture references: I Corinthians 15:20-23, Leviticus 23:9-14, Numbers 28:26-31

Along with celebrating we could bring clothes, money and food to our churches or gatherings for the dividing up to our community as they did then as well with their winter harvest.
The following timeline shows these feasts in conjunction with Passover Week.

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