Noah and the Flood: Questions Answered


With the release of the movie Noah and the surrounding controversy of its Biblical stability, I felt it necessary to bring out some facts that might help us all to understand actually what took place and why. I will not be critiquing the movie as I have not seen it. I am basically going off the buzz created of the movies’ credibility.
We will look at this in several ways.
Biblically, Historically and Scientifically.

First lets take a look at this in a Biblical sense. Christians believe that God does exist and that He is the Creator of the entire Universe. Christians also believe that the Bible is the Holy Inspired Word of God and it being true in its entirity. With that being said, the flood would indeed be caused by God Himself. Scripture not only states that rain caused water to rise but that God caused water to rise bursting forth from the depths of the earth. God was very upset with the majority of humanity for their complete refusal to follow Him. The world at that time was full of sin and was getting out of control. Some people have a hard time understanding as to why God would do something like this when there were people in the world that did in fact serve Him not indulging in sin. God decided to use one family to repopulate the earth because they were a family believing and serving Him well enough that scripture states that He was very pleased with their lives. If God had used people from abroad they would have different beliefs and opinions on how to live that could lead them away from God which would fix nothing. This means that the world was in such bad shape that His only fix was to start over. This does not at all show that God is capable of being wrong in His creativity for when He created us He gave us free will to choose and our choices are what brings results to our lives, Not God playing games with us. He says that if we truly and completely follow Him He will be with us, But if we deny Him He would deny us.

The Bible has records of the flood in Genesis chapters 6 through 10 with detailed building instructions of the ark and since it is the oldest evidence we have of written documents then we have to hold to this as our Historical view as well. The Bible has been trasnslated hundreds of times in many versions and languages. The Bible was translated from shared records through time with recorded dates going back to the 1st century. We could only trust those writings to be true until we found the Dead Sea Scrolls that matched and confirmed them to be so.

Archeologists and Scientists have been trying to prove these writings to be wrong with physical findings. They have of a few ways that the flood could have happened and why. There are over 200 recorded stories from ancient myths of a great flood happening that have very close similarities to that of the Bible. We will focus on the 2 ways that receive the most credit to date.

1-Black Sea Theory
2-Comet Theory

The Black Sea Theory seems to be the one closest to that of Noahs record in the Bible. This theory suggests that a flood occurred in the Middle East due to the rising water levels at the end of the Ice Age almost 7,000 years ago. The Black Sea was a freshwater lake in this area. Scientists believe that Glaciers in the Mediterranean Sea melted and overflowed with a force 200 times greater than that of Niagra Falls. This water then overflowed into the Middle Eastern Black Sea converting it into saltwater. Archeologists have found many physical structures and tools that they date from 7,400 to 15,000 years ago within this area that used to be the Black Sea.

The other theory is a suggestion that a comet about 3 miles wide crashed into the ocean off the shore line of Madagascar about 5,000 years ago causing a 600 foot tall Tsunami. This also created very hot vapors that sprouted many Hurricanes that sent so much debri through the atmosphere that it darkened the light of the sun. They believe that a great wave of water this size would also leave evidence of its existance. This is massive wedges cut into sand and stone called chevrons. Thay have found these chevrons in the areas of Africa and Asia.

We see there is physical evidence showing tools, stone structures, fossils and the changing of the earths surface. That we can’t deny for it is actual evidence and makes sense in all the examples. What we need to reason is how it happened. We have an ancient recording showing that God caused the flood from His Power and Authority as the Creator of the universe. In the other 2 theories we see that man had to search for or recreate a reason for the flood. More proof that God was the cause is that Noah had time to plan for the flood by building a boat that took months to construct. How did Noah know there was going to be a flood if it was caused by an immediate catastrophic event. The Bible states that God spoke to Noah explaining what was to take place and the deatailed instructions on what to do.

Now with looking at all the evidence and seeing how the flood came about. We see that people had to find an explanation for how the flood happened other than God. Becuase if God caused the flood then that means He exists and life would most definately be different. But since people want there own way they keep trying to find other reasons to support why they can live the way they choose. We must understand that there is no records on earth that can debunk the Bible. There is physical and written proof that backs every single thing recorded in the Bible.

Tower of Babel
Another example in the Bible shows a people full of pride and selfishness building a tower that they believe would reach God and convince Him that they were a great people for their ways. God saw their ways of trying to reach Him were wrong and misguided. He then decided to split them up and give them different languages so they couldn’t understand each other and finish the tower. They decided to seperate themselves and settle outside that area based on the language each group spoke. This is where we get different cultures, races and languages today. These people stuck together and multiplied within that group and eventually migrated further and further away. See Scientists want to explain that in a different way so that God isn’t known or given the credit, But it’s recorded and dated in such a way you can’t deny it.

Why do so many people want to hate God for what He does but in the same breath proclaim that He doesn’t exist. How can people hate something that they believe doesn’t exist? Answer me that.
This is proof alone that God does exist and He’s speaking to hearts crying out to them to give up and let Him have it all. People do feel God tugging at them but they don’t want to give up.

Below is a prayer that I use when i’m feeling far from God and dirty. Sometimes satan sneaks in even in Christians lives. This prayer can also be used to give your life to God if you like. It doesn’t have to be a certain prayer but some people just don’t know what to say. If you would like to pray yourself then I suggest just speaking your heart to God. Open yourself up to Him and let it go. Then ask Him to come and make you a new person changing everything to the way He wants. We have to let go of ourselves so that He is made known in complete Truth.

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